birthday ice sculptures

Sweet 16 ice carving for Ria from Ice Pro Ice Sculptures

Personalize that special day and add some panache to the party! Shouldn’t a special birthday celebration have a special decoration?
a 40th birthday ice luge with a monogram

40th birthday ice luge with a monogram


Quinceañera ice sculpture for Alexandra

Star Wars themed ice luge

R2D2 ice luge for the birthday with a Star Wars theme

40th birthday ice sculpture

40th birthday ice sculpture with red lighting


Lombardi ice sculpture for Parker, whose birthday fell on Super Bowl Sunday

"16" ice sculpture for Izzy

a customized ice sculpture for Izzy's Sweet 16 celebration

an elaborate castle ice sculpture from Ice Pro for Katie

a castle ice sculpture for Katie's 3rd birthday

Studio 54 ice luge from Ice Pro

an engraved Studio 54 ice luge

freezer shot of an ice sculpture for Andrea

Andrea's birthday ice sculpture (with color lettering), just completed and still in the freezer

ice sculpture with an engraved

"75" on an ionic column pedestal
(notice Epcot Center in the background)

a 50th birthday ice luge from Ice Pro

50th birthday single ice luge, lit with colored lights

ice sculpture celebrating the Commander

an ice sculpture for the Commander's 65th birthday

BMW ice carving w/

BMW 50th birthday

QuinceaƱera shooting star ice sculpture

Quinceañera shooting star

detailed cross ice sculpture with

elaborate cross with "50"

pink flamingo with engraved birthday message

pink flamingo with engraved birthday message